About us

Voyages Polaris is a well-known travel agency located in Montreal, Canada. With a passion for tourism, Voyages Polaris integrates traditional tourism with new types of tourism to create unique products. With a professional and experienced team, we are launching many unique itineraries well-loved by travellers, which connect cities and attractions all over the world.

Voyages Polaris specializes in several areas: luxury bus tours across Canada and the USA, travel in Asia, and airline tickets and cruises in Europe-Africa and America.

We also provide various group tours and individual tours across Canada, the United States, Africa and China.
Voyages Polaris provides you with high-quality tourism products and services, and strives for excellence in all details such as hotels, buses, tour guides, restaurants, attractions, and itineraries to create the most popular tourism products.

Voyages Polaris welcomes all tourists and cooperators in the tourism industry, and is looking forward to every encounter and to working with you. We are always here to bring you plenty of wonderful tours !