New York 4 Days Guided Tour
Departure DateQuadrupleTripleDoubleSingle
Regular price$359.99$399.99$479.99$739.99
2024-05-17 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-05-24 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-05-31 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-06-07 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-06-14 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-06-21 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-06-28 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-07-05 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-07-09 (Tuesday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-07-12 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-07-16 (Tuesday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-07-19 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-07-23 (Tuesday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-07-26 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-07-30 (Tuesday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-08-02 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-08-06 (Tuesday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-08-09 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-08-13 (Tuesday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-08-16 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-08-20 (Tuesday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-08-23 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-08-30 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-09-06 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-09-13 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-09-20 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-09-27 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-10-04 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-10-11 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
2024-10-18 (Friday)$349.99$389.99$479.99$749.99
* Price per person in Canadian dollars.


  • Tour Leader (English/French/Chinese)
  • Transportation (Coach)
  • breakfast in hotel
  • Taxes and FICAV (the client's contribution to the Indemnity Fund amounting to $3.5 per $1,000 of travel services purchased)
  • Free change of passenger's name
  • Free internet access in hotel
  • Hotel (3stars)


  •     The industry suggests: Service Charge (for Driver & Tour Leader): US$9/adult per day,; US$7(0-11 yrs)/child per day    
  •     Entrance fees    
  •     Meals (lunch & diner)    
  •     Travel insurance    
  •     Personal consumption    
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$34999 quadruple occ. $0
$38999 triple occ. $0
$47999 double occ. $0
$74999 single occ. $0

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 Entry tickets

Madame Tussaud’s Wax museum (Admission + MARVEL Universe 4D)
Adult (US$)Child (3-12years) (US$)Baby (0-2years) (US$)Youth (13-16years) (US$)Senior(60+)(US$)
Statue of Liberty Cruise
Adult (US$)Child (4-12years) (US$)Baby (0-3years) (US$)Youth (13-16years) (US$)Senior(60+)(US$)
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Adult (US$)Child (5-12years) (US$)Baby (0-4years) (US$)Youth (13-16years) (US$)Senior(60+)(US$)
One World Trade Center
Adult (US$)Child (6-12years) (US$)Baby (0-5years) (US$)Youth (13-16years) (US$)Senior(65+)(US$)

MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art )
Adult (16+)(US$)Child (0-16years)(US$)Senior (65+)(US$)


 Special Notes

** Admission tickets bought through sellers other than Voyages Polaris (e.g. City Pass) are not applicable .


For international tours, valid passport (valid for 6 month after the return date) and valid visas are required. If you are a Canadian citizen, a valid Canadian passport is sufficient to enter and leave the United States. For Chinese citizens with a 10-year visa for the United States you must request an EVUS at least 72 hours before departure. And you must renew the EVUS every two years..Polaris Travel Bus Tour accepts no liability for customs delay.